Rust Maven

Welcome to the Rust Maven web site about, well, the Rust programming language!

The first article, published on Aug 27, 2023, is about printing Hello World. You can find all the other articles in the archive or you can look at the tags. The site also includes the slides of my Rust training courses.

I hope you will enjoy the content and encourage me to improve the site and write more articles.

You might think that this site has some relation to the Java Maven, but I'll have to disappoint you. The word maven is just an (almost) ordinary word in English. It actually came from the Hebrew word מבין meaning "understands" via Yiddish to American English and it basically means "someone who understands things and likes to explain them".

Or at least that's how I use it.


There are a number of series of articles on the site in the following topics:

Rust language topics

The most recent articles


Both the source of the content and the source of the code generating the site can be accessed. So if you have any requests for additional content or features for the web site you will know where to submit those requests.

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