Web development in Rust


A collection of various web frameworks and other web-related tools in Rust. The ones I have started to review are in bold.

Based on the replies to the question I asked on Reddit: Which web framework do you use in Rust? I can say that most of these were mentioned, but I think axum and actix got the most comments.

I will keep updating this page as I find more Crates that are strongly related to web development. You can suggest more thing in issues or Pull-Request!

Backend Web frameworks

Frontend web tools

Full stack

Templating systems

  • liquid - I liked this, I could understand how to use it, though there were some issues.

  • Handlebars - I found it too complex for my understanding.

  • askama - like Python jinja

  • Tera used with Rocket

  • maud maud Compile-time HTML templates. A macro for writing HTML.




Some of the above were collected from these posts, but they have more information.

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Gabor Szabo, the author of the Rust Maven web site maintains several Open source projects in Rust and while he still feels he has tons of new things to learn about Rust he already offers training courses in Rust and still teaches Python, Perl, git, GitHub, GitLab, CI, and testing.

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