liquid templating

  1. Install
  2. Liquid Hello World
  3. Liquid Hello World with variable
  4. Liquid Hello World read template from file
  5. Liquid flow control: if - else
  6. Liquid flow control: else if written as elsif
  7. Liquid flow control: case/when
  8. Liquid object
  9. Liquid for loop passing a vector or an array
  10. Liquid vector of tuples
  11. Liquid Hash
  12. Liquid for loop with if conditions
  13. Liquid filters on numbers: plus, minus
  14. Liquid filters on strings: upcase, downcase, capitalize
  15. Liquid filters: first, last
  16. Liquid
  17. Liquid include
  18. Liquid assign to variable in template
  19. Liquid include header and footer
  20. Liquid layout (include and capture)
  21. Liquid with struct
  22. Liquid with Option in a struct
  23. Liquid filter reverse array
  24. Liquid for loop: limit, offset, reversed
  25. Liquid comma between every two elements (forloop.last)
  26. Liquid: create your own filter: reverse a string
  27. Liquid: create your own filter: commafy
  28. Liquid: length of string, size of vector
  29. Liquid: Embed HTML - escape HTML