Vectors in Rust

  1. Fixed vector of numbers
  2. Iterate over elements of vector using for-loop
  3. Mutable vector of numbers, append (push) values
  4. Mutable empty vector for numbers (push)
  5. Mutable empty vector for strings
  6. Mutable empty vector with type definition
  7. Mutable vector of strings
  8. Count words using two vectors
  9. Stack and the capacity of a vector
  10. Vector extend (combining two vectors)
  11. Split string into vector
  12. Sort vector of numbers
  13. Exercise: Median
  14. Exercise: ROT13
  15. Chars to string
  16. Vector of tuples
  17. Vector of structs
  18. Vector of structs - change value
  19. Join elements of vector into a string
  20. Join vector of integers
  21. Maximum value of a vector
  22. Longest or shortest string in a vector
  23. Change vector using map
  24. Update values in vector of structs using map
  25. map is lazy
  26. filter numbers
  27. filter numbers iter into
  28. filter numbers by named function
  29. filter string
  30. Two references to the same vector
  31. Filter vector of structs (cloning)
  32. Convert vector of structs to vector of references
  33. Filter vector of structs without copy
  34. Accessing the last element of a vector
  35. Insert element in vector
  36. Vector with optional values - None or out of range?
  37. Vector with optional values
  38. Vector length and capacity
  39. References to numbers
  40. Queue