Split vector of sentences to vector of words

concat split_whitespace


fn main() {}

fn split_to_strings(sentences: Vec<String>) -> Vec<String> {
    let vector_of_vectors = sentences
        .map(|sentence| {
                .map(|word| word.to_owned())

fn test_split() {
    let sentence = String::from("apple banana   peach  pear");
    let words = sentence.split_whitespace().collect::<Vec<&str>>();
    assert_eq!(words, vec!["apple", "banana", "peach", "pear"]);

    let words = sentence
        .map(|word| word.to_owned())
    assert_eq!(words, vec!["apple", "banana", "peach", "pear"]);

    let vector_of_sentences = vec![
        String::from("apple banana   peach"),
        String::from("pear   cherry"),
    let words = split_to_strings(vector_of_sentences);
    assert_eq!(words, vec!["apple", "banana", "peach", "pear", "cherry"]);

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