1. Serde for JSON
  2. Read Simple JSON file manually
  3. Read Simple JSON file into a struct
  4. Read JSON file using from_reader manually
  5. Read JSON file using from_reader to a struct
  6. Read complex JSON
  7. JSON files - missing fields
  8. Read JSON handle missing fields - set defaults
  9. Read JSON with Optional fields
  10. Read JSON avoid extra fields - deny_unknown_fields
  11. Alias some fields in JSON (handle dash in JSON kesy)
  12. Read JSON to Vector
  13. Read lists of JSON structures
  14. Serialize and deserialize HashMap to JSON in Rust
  15. JSON serialize struct
  16. Serialize struct and Deserialize JSON
  17. JSON serialize examples
  18. serde manipulate json (change, add)
  19. JSON serialize struct with date