Pass a mutable hash to a function in Rust

HashMap to_owned fn &mut or_insert


use std::collections::HashMap;

fn main() {
    let mut count: HashMap<String, u32> = HashMap::new();
    add(&mut count, &["camel", "snake", "crab", "crab"]);
    add(&mut count, &["camel", "camel", "crab", "crab"]);

    println!("{:#?}", count);

fn add(counter: &mut HashMap<String, u32>, words: &[&str]) {
    for word in words {
        *counter.entry(word.to_owned().to_owned()).or_insert(0) += 1;

The output

    "crab": 4,
    "camel": 3,
    "snake": 1,

See also Pass a mutable vector to a function in Rust


Gabor Szabo (szabgab)

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