Create image with text written on it using Rust

image draw_text_mut text_size Font Scale Rgb RgbImage get_pixel_mut

In this example we create a new image with white background and the we write some text on it centered both horizontally and vertically.

This is the result:

Find the fonts on your computer

First we need to find and select a font that we have on our system:

For example on Linux or macOS you can use either the locate command:

locate "*.ttf"

or the find command

find / -name "*.ttf" 2> /dev/null

to find True Type fonts.

On Windows I guess you'd use the File-explorer to find font files.

We could include the font where it is on our system, but it is probably a good idea to copy the file containing the selected font to the folder of the crate so they will be available on any system.


We are using the following crates:


name = "create-image-with-text"
version = "0.1.0"
edition = "2021"

# See more keys and their definitions at

image = "0.24"
imageproc = "0.23"
rusttype = "0.9"

Source code


use image::{Rgb, RgbImage};
use imageproc::drawing::{draw_text_mut, text_size};
use rusttype::{Font, Scale};
use std::env;
use std::path::Path;

fn main() {
    let argv = env::args().collect::<Vec<String>>();
    if argv.len() != 3 {
        eprintln!("Usage: {} FILENAME TEXT", &argv[0]);
    let path = Path::new(&argv[1]);
    let text = &argv[2];

    let width = 400;
    let height = 200;

    // create image
    let mut image = RgbImage::new(width, height);
    // set white background
    for x in 0..width {
        for y in 0..height {
            *image.get_pixel_mut(x, y) = image::Rgb([255, 255, 255]);

    //let font = Vec::from(include_bytes!("/usr/share/fonts/truetype/dejavu/DejaVuSerif.ttf") as &[u8]);
    //let font = Vec::from(include_bytes!("/snap/cups/980/usr/share/fonts/truetype/freefont/FreeSans.ttf") as &[u8]);
    let font = Vec::from(include_bytes!("../FreeSans.ttf") as &[u8]);
    let font = Font::try_from_vec(font).unwrap();

    let inteded_text_height = 24.4;
    let scale = Scale {
        x: inteded_text_height * 2.0,
        y: inteded_text_height,

    // color of the text
    let red = 50 as u8;
    let green = 50;
    let blue = 0;

    // get the size of the text and calculate the x, y coordinate where to start to be center aligned
    // both horizontally and vertically
    let (text_width, text_height) = text_size(scale, &font, text);
    println!("Text size: {}x{}", text_width, text_height);
    let text_start_x = ((width-text_width as u32) / 2 ) as i32;
    let text_start_y = ((height-text_height as u32) / 2 ) as i32;

    draw_text_mut(&mut image, Rgb([red, green, blue]), text_start_x, text_start_y, scale, &font, text);;
  • First we expect and accept two parameters on the command line. The name of the image file and the text we would like to write on the image.

  • Then we create the image and set all the pixels to be white.

  • Then we create the font using the include_bytes! macro that embeds the content of the font file in the binary rustc compiles.

  • Then we calculate the scale of the text and using the text_size function we compute the real size of the text taking into account the font that we'll use.

  • Based on these and the dimension of the image we calculate the x,y point where the text should start in order to be in the center of the image.

  • We then draw the text using the draw_text_mut function.

  • Finally we save the image to the file.

Running on the command line during development

We provide the name of the file we would like to create and the text we would like to write on the image.

cargo run -- image.png "Welcome to Rust"

Running on the command line

We can now create a stand-alone binary from our code:

cargo build --relase

Then we can distribute the file from target/release/create-image-with-text.

The users will be able to run it as

create-image-with-text image.png "Hello world!"

The font is already embedded in the binary so we don't need to worry about that.

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