Check if key exists in HashMap - if the HashMap contains the key

HashMap contains_key exists

If you'd like to know if a given key exists in a given HashMap you can use the contains_key method that will return a bool, that's either True of False.


use std::collections::HashMap;

fn main() {
    let mut animal = HashMap::new();

    animal.insert(String::from("snake"), String::from("long"));
    animal.insert(String::from("giraffe"), String::from("tall"));
    animal.insert(String::from("elephant"), String::from("heavy"));

    println!("{:#?}", animal);
    for name in ["turle", "snake"] {
        if animal.contains_key(name) {
            println!("{name} is in the HashMap and it is {}", animal[name]);
        } else {
            println!("{name} is NOT in the HashMap");

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